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Unique Tree Care Experience Awaits You

Our experienced team specializes in comprehensive tree services tailored for both commercial and residential properties. From precise tree pruning to strategic tree removal, we’re committed to enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space.

Local Tree Service Provider in Drain, OR, and Servicing the Eugene, OR Area

Dealing with tree-related challenges can be stressful and inconvenient, impacting your property’s aesthetics and safety. We offer professional tree services in Drain, OR, and Eugene, OR area with unmatched skills, and extensive training, and with a certified arborist on staff we can meet any tree service need. By choosing us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in a safer, more beautiful urban forest, assured by our dedication and unique approach.

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Trustworthy and tailored for you, the trusted choice for your properties trees.

Choose Us for Unmatched Tree Care Excellence

At Urban Arbor Care, LLC, we stand apart with our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. With over 9 years of experience, our team offers a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to creating safer, healthier urban forests. We understand the importance of your property’s appearance and safety, which is why we provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Trust us to deliver exceptional service with every project.

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Expert Experience Guaranteed!

Exceptional Tree Service That Stands Out

Our range of services includes Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Preservation, and Fire Fuel Reduction, each designed to address your specific needs. Whether it’s removing hazardous trees to enhance safety, pruning to maintain health and beauty, preserving trees for longevity, or creating defensible spaces for fire safety, our team ensures professional, efficient service. Experience the difference with Urban Arbor Care, LLC.

Trustworthy Tree Services Tailored for You

Urban Arbor Care, LLC, is your go-to for reliable tree care. Our expertise ensures your property’s beauty and safety. Discover why we’re the trusted choice for your tree needs. Read more about our services and let us help you today.


Tree Removal

When you trust an Urban Arbor Care team with your tree removal project you will be provided with individuals who have the experience and training necessary to get the job done safely.

Tree Removal

Experience superior tree removal:

  • Expert tree cutting
  • Crane Assisted Removals
  • Disease management
  • Professional removal

Tree Pruning

Whether you need large dead branches removed or ornamental trees meticulously pruned, Urban Arbor Care has the expertise to leave your tree’s canopy in tip-top shape.

Tree Pruning

Reliable tree pruning services:

  • Hazardous limb removal
  • Driveway clearance
  • Structure safety
  • Industry-standard pruning
  • Weight reduction to prevent large failures

Tree Preservation

Not sure if your tree can be preserved? Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with our arborist.  We can help determine the best work plan to preserve the beauty of your canopy.

Tree Preservation

What you’ll get:

  • Tree preservation
  • Health enhancement
  • Longevity focus
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree bracing

Fire Fuel Reduction

Fire fuel reduction by Urban Arbor Care, LLC ensures your home’s safety with defensible space creation. Reducing burnable fuels, we protect your property from wildfire threats.

Fire Fuel

Experience fire fuel reduction with us:

  • Fuel reduction
  • Defensible space
  • Wildfire protection
  • Safety prioritization
  • Home safeguarding
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Don’t let tree issues compromise your property’s safety and beauty. Based in Drain, OR, and servicing the Eugene, OR area, Urban Arbor Care, LLC offers comprehensive tree services to address your concerns. Reach out for expert advice and solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s work together to maintain a safe and attractive outdoor environment.

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Ken Wages

As a contractor ive experienced quite a varying range of professionalism over the years. And it doesn’t get much better than Urban Arbor Care. I was very impressed with their level of skill, safety, thoroughness and communication. I wont bother calling anyone else in the future 🤙

Google Reviews


Justin LaPlante

Charles walked up our hill through the ice in order to review the fallen tree on our house and was back out within a week with a large crew. All of them were respectful of us and our property, and worked efficiently. They cleaned everything up really well. Great work!

Google Reviews


Susan Page

The friendly communication and quick responds to calls was wonderful. Crew was careful to move planters and put them back when done. The area was blown clean and all promises on the estimate were done. All paperwork was sent in a very timely manner. Knowledge of job and advice given was very professional. I would not hesitated to hire them again. I recommend this company.

Google Reviews


Kohl Dorrington-Thacker

Charles and his crew did a great job for us, and they earned some new lifetime customers. We had two trees next to our house that needed to be carefully removed, as well as another than was in need of some trimming. one of my coworkers had some trees fall on their house during a storm and recommended I contact urban arbor care. Their crew made quick work of it all and did an AMAZING job cleaning up afterwards. I can’t recommend them enough.

Google Reviews


Mark Elliott

Very Happy! The best thing was that they showed up on time, and they worked quickly. And it took less then a few days to give me an estimate for the job. definitely would reccommend.

Google Reviews


Kyle Weatherly

Tree service was exceptional, very professional throughout the process, on time, great communication and provided prompt service. I would recommend Urban Arbor Care to all my friends and family!

Google Reviews


Stephanie Roberts

Charles and his crew did a great job pruning our giant black walnut tree and the clean up was better than we thought it could be! I think we were one of the biggest trees they had done and they did it with ease. I would highly recommend them!

Google Reviews


Doug Hornaday

I have a local tree service in the Eugene area and I referred Urban Arbor Care due to a cherry tree that had fallen over on my clients property. Charles showed up and did a professional job. My client was very happy. Recently, Charles called me to check in as my client had called him about another tree that needed to be removed. He called me to see if that was ok. I told him I was interested in the job. I was very impressed with how honest Charles is. Urban Arbor Care comes with my highest recommendation. He is a man you can trust. I look forward to meeting him personally some day. Doug Hornaday Artistic Arborist

Google Reviews


Josie Imrie

We had a wonderful experience with Urban Arbor Care! They were so helpful in explaining exactly what was going on with our trees and answering our endless questions. They were very responsive and did a great job with all of the different things included in our job. Will be going to them again in the future!

Google Reviews


Toni Debby

We had two 130ft trees right next to the house. All of the branches hung directly over the roof. Over the years, during the winters, we have seen much more heavy wet snow and freezing rain. It was time to remove them. I was very nervous about the risk to the roof/house upon removal. Charles and his team reassured me that they could do it safely. After watching them work, I was definitely reassured. They were knowledgeable, experienced, and conscientious. They did an excellent job. They were respectful of my garden and surrounding plants. They did a wonderful job of clean up, even out in the street. They were polite and very friendly. I cannot recommend them highly enough. My two neighbors have hired them after seeing the work that they did.
Thank you for looking after my little house.

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Daniel Johnson

Urban Arbor Care was quick to respond to a downed tree on our property line. They worked efficiently and safely to clear the tree and remove the hazard from my and my neighbors property, and were pleasant and professional in the process.

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Frank Travis

They let me know they would be 5 minutes late which is rare but appreciated. The guys worked hard start to finish literally working off a cliff. Great to see great communication along with top notch work ethic. Great job!

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